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Could Acupuncture Benefit you but perhaps the cost of treatment has prevented you from trying?


Are you a pensioner, student or on Job Seeker's Allowance?


We offer affordable acupuncture treatment for those who fall in the categories listed above


The Kings Norton Community Acupuncture Clinic

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The Ethos of the Clinic

The Clinic aims to make acupuncture more affordable enabling a greater proportion of the community the chance of benefiting from acupuncture treatment. This is achieved by treating several patients together in a large room partitioned with screens to provide privacy.


How will it work?

Appointments may last from 20 minutes to one hour. The first appointment- the consultation- will take place in a separate room and cost £25.00. Please allow one hour for this. Subsequent treatments will take place in the multibed clinic and could be shorter depending on the treatment, and cost £15.00. Appointments will be staggered allowing each patient appropriate time to discuss their progress with the practitioner before being treated.


Has this method been used before?

The simple answer is yes. A similar project in Brighton noted that patients reported more positive experiences than negative about being treated in such a space. Many attended, not only because of the low cost, but also to share in the sense of community that is created when several people are treated together.


What can acupuncture treat?

Basically anything that you would visit your GP about be it physical, mental or emotional. It is safe for everyone from children to the elderly. We are more than happy to discuss how acupuncture could benefit you


Who can come to the clinic?

Primarily the aim of the clinic is to provide acupuncture for those members of the community who have never previously thought it affordable – OAP’s students, children, people on low income or receiving family credit.


Who should you contact?

The Natural Health Centre 0121 459 3535


Anne Pottinger Lic.Ac MBAcC  07719 362824

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We are located at:

86 The Green

Kings Norton


B38 8RS

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


+44 121 4593535 +44 121 4593535



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