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Cupping Therapy - The proven ancient art of healing


Cupping is not a new treatment. The earliest pictorial records date back to the ancient Egyptians around 1500 B.C. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates (c. 400 BC) used cupping for internal disease and structural problems. In China, the earliest use of cupping that is recorded is from the famous Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong (281–341 A.D.) In fact it has been practised across cultures and continents for thousands of years for health care.



Cupping has recently been bought into the lime light, by Olympic athletes such as Michael Phelps at Rio

‘It has saved me from a lot of pain.’ Michael Phelps- Olympic swimmer


Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Bieber swear by cupping

"It feels amazing and it’s very relaxing, and it feels terrific." Gwyneth Paltrow


What is cupping:

A suction cup is applied to the relevant area of the body, creating a negative pressure. This draws up rigid hardened, spasmodic soft tissue that may have developed pain causing trigger points and releases it.

The suction releases, loosens & lifts connective tissue, breaks up and drains stagnation while increasing blood & lymph flow to skin & muscles in ways not possible using compression and massage. This creates space for oxygen, living cells and nutrients for faster recovery. The cups can also be used to deliver a :


Using aromatic oil essence silicone cups are moved over the body or face (this does not leave any marks) Increasing the above effects over large areas of the body. The effects of a cup can reach many inches below the skin. This could be the best massage experience you have ever had!


Benefits of Cupping:

Cupping induces a state of deep relaxation, relieving stress and anxiety, by pulling the parasymatic nervous system, thus allowing relaxation to spread throughout the body. This state can last even days after the treatment. Cupping strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid, cleans the blood and lymph and helps to balance PH levels. It moves stagnation and drains fluids, breaks up and expels congestion. It significantly reduces or eliminates pain, activates the skin, clears stretch marks and wrinkles.

Conditions Responding to Cupping Therapy:

Cupping can help many stubborn conditions, repetitive strain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, digestive problems colds & influenza, headaches, arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, high blood pressure, stroke, bronchial asthma & congestion, gynaecological disorders, post-surgery adhesions, depression, abscesses, improves varicose veins. And much much more.


After Affects:

Cupping can leave marks which indicates that the stagnation or disease has been moved from the deeper tissue layers to the surface, which will be cleared by the body. These will vary in colour from deep purple to pink in relation to stagnation.. The marks may last from a few hours to a few weeks. These marks are not to be confused with bruising which is a result of damage these marks are a result of debilitating agents being drawn to the surface and are not painful. Or there may be no marks at all.

Patients usually feel an immediate sense of relief. A reduction or elimination of symptoms of concern. Reports of best night’s sleep ever, euphoria, may become energised, feel hungry, increased bowel elimination, or they may feel the need for sleep, or feelings of being "hung over, no appetite.

You may require a number of sessions this will be determined with your first consultation, although you may find a marked improvement after only one session. You will also receive health and lifestyle advice to help form a holistic health plan. You will be treated as a special individual, listened to, and all your concerns taken into account.

Facial Rejuvenation Cupping

If you're looking for a two-in-one, rejuvenation facial-meets-meditation experience this is it.

Facial Rejuvenation Cupping has been used since ancient times by women across the world. People have been utilizing negative pressure for rejuvenation & maintenance going back centuries. It was one of the secrets of the Geisha.” It is now rapidly growing in popularity. Included in the beauty regime of celebs such as Kim Kardashian known for her flawless skin.

It is an excellent form of non-invasive, cost effective and most relaxing anti-aging treatment that can work to rejuvenate your face bringing a healthier, natural looking glow, and resulting in an improved complexion and younger, firmer looking skin! It is safe, comfortable and remarkably effective.



‘In mechanosensitive cells, mechanical stimuli result in architectural shape modification, altering cellular behavior and physiological adaptation – potentially resulting in modified gene expression, enhanced protein synthesis, modulated inflammatory responses, more efficient repair and remodeling, and more.’ (Khan and Scott, 2009, Kjaer, 2009, Kumka and Bonar, 2012, Standley and Meltzer, 2008, Cao et al., 2015, Wipff and Hinz, 2008). Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 2017


What does this mean?

This means that when you apply a mechanical stimulation (cupping) remarkable rejuvenation begins to happen in the skin. The skin actually begins to remodel and repair and it stimulates deep collagen production for a younger, smoother looking skin.

Health and beauty benefits include:

  • Increased nutrients and oxygen-rich blood circulation,
  • Strengthen skin & connective tissues for healthier skin
  • Reduced creping and increased skin tone
  • Reduced puffiness under eyes, chin and jowls
  • Diminished scar tissue excess oil & pore size
  • Increased absorption of skin care products
  • drains out excess fluid and toxins
  • Relaxation of facial muscles for a younger, less stressed look
  • Deeply cleanses.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • Eliminate swelling
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Relief from sinus pressure and congestion
  • Decreased facial paralysis from certain conditions
  • Reduction in headaches from eye strain
  • Helps migraine
  • Will stimulate facial reflexology points, healing the body.
  • Reduces overall stress, bringing about holistic healing

Treatment: Duration 40 mins


Facial cupping uses soft silicone cups which will not leave any marks on the skin.

You will receive an initial consultation. Your face will be cleansed. A natural organic oil or lubrication will be applied to your face whilst you lie down on a massage couch, in a calm and relaxed environment, you will receive a lymph drainage massage including acupressure which addresses many levels, including toning muscles, energy balance and flow, specific point remedies, general wellness, skin tone and circulation.


Specially designed suction cups will be used to lift and massage facial tissue. Along the lymph drainage pattern. Releasing tensions aiding the detoxification and firming the skin.

The treatment includes neck and shoulders, and upper chest.


Most people enter into a state of such deep relaxation that they may even go to sleep.

Facial cupping can be stand alone or added on to a body cupping session.


A course of up to six treatments will be advised after the consultation depending on individual needs.


Facial cupping is not recommended if you have a skin condition or are pregnant.


A brilliant beauty and de-stress treatment especially before a special occasion

or high-stress time. A must for brides for their wedding day.

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