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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation, or Cosmetic Acupuncture, is gaining ground quickly as an alternative to more expensive procedures. 

It is regarded as the 'safer' option as it relies on the body's own mechanism to produce the collagen that is needed to smooth lines or small furrows.

The procedure can help tone the skin on the face and help in firming the overall form.

Just like some other facial regimes, facial rejuvenation will bruise the skin for a while and is not an 'instant' fix like, say, botox.


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Harrison G. Kyng
Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Birmingham.
A former senior operating department practitioner, Harrison moved over to Chinese medicine and graduated from The College Of Traditional Acupuncture Leamington Spa in 1995. As well as his experience within the field of general acupuncture Harrison specialises in stress and anxiety relief.
Facial Rejuvenation Technique is a part of Harrison's portfolio, this procedure looks to help tone the facial muscles and skin, and help reduce the lines brought on by aging. It does this by naturally inducing the production of collagen and is regarded as a safer option to chemically  induced treatments.
In the late '70s Harrison formed the Shen Dao Institute and created the first school of Feng Shui in Europe. With over two thousand master practitioners worldwide, Shen Dao Feng Shui continues to help harmonise the home or business. Training modules are available at the Natural Health Centre.
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