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Reiki is roughly translated as ‘universal life force energy’, and was brought to the East in the 1930’s by Dr Mikao Usui, and has gradually been making its way to the West since.

Reiki is:

A powerful natural healing system that unlocks the inner flow of vital Ki energy. It does not conflict with any religious beliefs and promotes from within, qualities of loving, growing, caring, compassion, goodwill, peace and serenity.


Reiki releases accumulated daily stress and acts in harmony with all other types of healing.

Healing is described in the dictionary as: ‘ to be restored to health; to repair by natural processes, to cure’. The origin of the word itself is ‘making whole’. To make whole means healing on all levels – the mind, body, spirit and emotions


The use of Reiki helps to clear blockages in a person’s energy field.

Reiki is never “sent”, rather it is “drawn” by the client. For this reason, Reiki is 100% safe in every situation and is compatible with all other therapies. The clients’ body will only ever draw the amount of energy that it feels comfortable with, and no more than is needed.

Reiki is an applied hands-on energy channelling technique and works on the seven major charkas of the body, all of which are linked to the endocrine system and other parts of the body.


This experience of having a treatment is unique to everyone, but always a refreshing one.


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