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Sports/Remedial Massage

Remedial & Sports massage are more specific treatments which target specific muscular/soft tissue related problems. 
Many people are put off by the term ‘Sports Massage’ believing it to be solely for those participating in sports activities. However, sport is no different from general activity and work in that all of these call for repetitive movements, which can lead to overuse injuries, postural problems and repetitive strain.
The overall outcome tends to be a combination of pain, restriction, and general loss of function.


This type of massage looks at specific muscular problems that may be related to poor posture, repetitive strain, and general overuse, that affect your movement, perhaps through pain, restriction or weakness. It is designed to return function to a problematic area utilising a number of core techniques, including; massage, soft tissue manipulation, mobilising movements, stretch and exercises. This form of treatment differs from other massage based treatments in that it is specific to the problem, it can be interactive involving you the client in providing movements and stretches, and it is often deeper in technique.

Whether you are an office worker, truck driver, keep-fit fanatic or professional athlete, everyone is at risk of injury and restriction. 
Massage is particularly beneficial as a preventative treatment. It can find potential problems before they emerge and treat them accordingly.

What is a treatment like?

Expect to be rocked, stretched, pulled, massaged and mobilised! The massage can often be deeper than other forms and can be uncomfortable - Tight muscles, dysfunctional muscles tend to be sore/tender to touch - but the practitioner will always ask for feedback. The treatments are specific to your problem and can have fantastic results on restriction and lack of mobility due to muscular tightness. The practitioner will usually give home exercises and stretches to complement the treatment.

Our Practitioner

Ben Levine
BA Hons, Dip. SMT, PT 

Ben has worked as a sports massage practitioner for over 16 years having graduated from the Welsh school of Sports Massage in 2001. He is also a certified personal trainer through the National academy of Sports medicine and premier training. Ben has taught sports science and sports therapy at NEW college redditch and regularly take advanced soft tissue workshops for physiotherapists and other manual therapy practitioners. He has worked extensively with musicians and runners (being a runner himself) and has a good knowledge and experience of treating running related injuries. He has also worked for Birmingham city football club, Coventry City football club in the past.

Sports & Activity injuries

Sports injuries, including plantar fasciitis, Shin splints, muscle tears/pulls, achilles tendon injury, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, frozen shoulder, patella tendon injury



Postural problems & weakness

Work, posture and activity related injuries such as back, neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, muscle tightness or weakness.

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